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Author: Jasmine Cuenco

Food waste recycled into renewable energy

New to the streets of the United Kingdom are 10 delivery trucks fueled by food waste.  Anaerobic digestion plants help capture the biomethane from the rotting food to help power these industrial-size trucks for up to 500 miles. Traditional transportation uses biodiesel, which is far more expensive and less sustainable.  While the trucks themselves may be more costly, savings in dollars and our planet occur at the pump. Gas made from food waste is cheaper than diesel, which is used in most heavy-duty trucks. It also emits about 70% less carbon dioxide. Waitrose’s 10 new eco-friendly delivery trucks can...

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Curbing food waste for business and community benefits

Supermarkets are continuing to shrink food waste with community-based initiatives.  More and more retailers are adopting creative practices such as recycling, charitable donations, less ambiguous labels, etc. While these habits have had a positive impact on the issue of food waste, we need to keep the momentum going. Though there are financial benefits to reducing food waste, there is added complexity.  There are separate handling methods to up-cycling and transitioning the food from off the shelves to their next destination.  Moreover current technology and other sustainable methods are costly. Although supermarkets would save money by reducing waste, does it make sense...

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Post to NextDoor

Help us get the word out about The Urban Farmers service by posting to social media and NextDoor! The best and most helpful posts give information about the who, what, where, and when of it.  Your experience is just as useful to us as it is to the community so please share! Below are some of our favorites.  With permission, we have “borrowed” some simple post from fruit donors and volunteers for our lending library.  Feel free to edit, add, and customize as you see fit.   Got Excess Fruit? If you have more fruit on your tree than...

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Options in Planning a Group Harvest

Want to organize a harvest for your group? You have choices. Background Each year we organize over one hundred free, public harvests which are powered by a team of about 10 to 12 volunteers. One of our trained harvest leaders guides the group visiting from one to four homes. Each team harvests between 800 and 1,200 pounds of fruit. Public harvests are designed for families and individuals. Private Harvests Private harvests are for teams of volunteers that would like to work together on a day of their choosing. Private harvests are planning intensive, require an organized point of contact, additional...

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20 Convincing Reasons To Keep Backyard Chickens

  A long-time friend of The Urban Farmers project, Papa John Kiefer, is an expert at raising backyard chickens. Papa John has been at it for nearly 50 years and has made it easier than ever to maintain a personal flock at home. He will be holding two separate workshops on how to get started on Sunday 2/19 and Sunday 3/5 from 1:00pm-3:30pm. The trend of keeping backyard chickens has been on the rise over the past number of years, and it’s easy to see why. Of course, there are the fresh eggs to look forward to, but did you...

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