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Author: Siamack Sioshansi

Why My Tree Was Not Harvested?

Purpose If your tree was scheduled to be harvested and we were not able to service you, and our harvest leader did not call or text you, we sincerely apologize. The purpose of this post is to help you better understand why. The Making of a Harvest Team This background information is useful in understanding our condition. Each week we look for a cluster of 3-5 ripe fruit trees that are near each other. We contact the fruit donors (that’s you) and organize a harvest route (start here, then go here, then….) Weeks before the harvest, we publish a...

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When Will You Harvest My Fruit?

People that want to donate their excess backyard fruit are our kind of people. They are kind hearted, concerned with social justice and dislike waste. The last thing we want to do is disappoint them. However, since they are not familiar with our work, they sometimes develop expectations that are not realistic, and when we do not meet their expectations, they feel disappointed. Let’s change this. Purpose The purpose of this post is to explain 1) how we operate 2) when you can expect to have your fruit harvested 3)  if we can not harvest your fruit, what other...

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Stop what you are doing and eat all the persimmons you can

It’s November and persimmons are in season. Bite into one, and you may fall in love with a crisp and sweet winter fruit with a delicious flavor. This article is an excellent primer on persimmon and includes a recipe by Eva Powell, a former elementary-school librarian in Mitchell, Indiana. She has won the town’s pudding contest five times with her recipe for persimmon pudding with a crispy, cake-like crust. All the type of persimmons you can buy—and how to cook with them. Source: How to Buy and Cook With Persimmons |...

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