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Author: Siamack Sioshansi

Persimmon Cookies Recipe

  Today was the first day of Charlotte’s harvest 2016. We had summer-like weather, picked about 20,000 pounds of persimmons and were treated to these delicious cookies courtesy of Pat Schultz. Spicy, soft, and moist persimmon cookies with raisins and a sweet orange glaze. This persimmon cookie recipe uses ripe Hachiya persimmons. Source: Persimmon Cookies Recipe | Persimmon Recipes | Two Peas & Their...

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Full Harvest wants to fix the big farm food waste problem at source

Full Harvest has developed a software solution where farmers can create an inventory of their “seconds,” Buyers can order online and Full Harvest handles the logistics of getting the food delivered. Modern farming has a huge problem with food waste, stemming from the mismatch between specific food buyer requirements vs Mother Nature delivering an.. Source: Full Harvest wants to fix the big farm food waste problem at source |...

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Deeply Held Values

I went to the first harvest that the Solano chapter organized. It rained, but that did not stop John and Christian, the harvest leaders, from pushing forward. At the second stop, I met Jim who was excited to see us work on a day like that. He then told me this story about the sanctity of food and deeply held...

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Design of The Urban Farmers Project

With this blog, we are starting something new. A new section to share and discuss the design of The Urban Farmers project. Our goal is to help the newcomer better understand what we do and to provide space for the thoughtful reader to challenge assumptions and to contribute ideas. In other words, we are mind-sourcing solutions. Why focus on design? Let’s start with the facts. We have an unacceptable number of people that need food. We throw out 40% of all the food we grow. The problem of food access in America is not an availability problem. It’s a...

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Fruit Shrub Recipe

Last year we had a difficult time distributing the astringent persimmons that we harvested (read: how to remove astringency.) This year we want to find a good use for the fruit. We have a stainless dryer that will be busy making fruit chips, and I’m excited about making shrub and Gamsikcho, the persimmon drinking vinegar. Shrubs and Gamsikcho are all the rage in Japan and Korea. They are the best way to bottle up the flavor of season’s fruit and are the original way to preserve fruit before canning came along and became a thing. (read: dropping acid) Bruised apricots, smashed...

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