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Design of The Urban Farmers Project

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Design of The Urban Farmers Project

With this blog, we are starting something new. A new section to share and discuss the design of The Urban Farmers project. Our goal is to help the newcomer better understand what we do and to provide space for the thoughtful reader to challenge assumptions and to contribute ideas. In other words, we are mind-sourcing solutions.

Why focus on design?
Let’s start with the facts.
We have an unacceptable number of people that need food.
We throw out 40% of all the food we grow.
The problem of food access in America is not an availability problem.
It’s a design problem.
Too much food here. Not enough food there.

The process is simple. We have a mission and a set of values for the project. These elements provide direction and sharpen the focus of our work. Every week of two, we will present a component of the design written in simple language. Since we don’t have a corner on good ideas, we believe you can help us.

Just keep in mind that addressing persistent problems such as food access require more than money and muscle. It needs mindshare, determination, and persistence.

Join the conversation. We are in this together.

About The Author

Siamack Sioshansi

Siamack is the executive director and co-founder of the project. He was born in a small village in southeast Iran where he learned about food and the importance of community resiliency. He attended Purdue University and worked for IBM and Apple Computers before starting a software company. He lives in San Francisco.

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