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Food waste recycled into renewable energy

Food waste recycled into renewable energy

New to the streets of the United Kingdom are 10 delivery trucks fueled by food waste.  Anaerobic digestion plants help capture the biomethane from the rotting food to help power these industrial-size trucks for up to 500 miles.

Traditional transportation uses biodiesel, which is far more expensive and less sustainable.  While the trucks themselves may be more costly, savings in dollars and our planet occur at the pump.

Gas made from food waste is cheaper than diesel, which is used in most heavy-duty trucks. It also emits about 70% less carbon dioxide. Waitrose’s 10 new eco-friendly delivery trucks can run for up to 500 miles on the food-based fuel. “Waitrose has been spending the last seven to eight years looking at ways they can clean up their transport,” says Philip Fjeld, CEO of CNG Fuels, which partnered with the supermarket on the switch, and which operates the fueling stations. “They’ve looked at biodiesel, they’ve they’ve looked at electric, they’ve looked at all kinds of renewable fuels,” he tells Co.Exist in an interview.

Source: These Grocery Delivery Trucks Are Powered By Food Waste | Fast Company

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