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Peach Leaf Curl

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Peach Leaf Curl is a common disease of peaches and nectarines. This video is intended to show what the disease looks like, how it spreads and the impact of the disease on the tree. This video does not discuss how to treat peach leaf curl.

Inspecting your fruit tree for this disease takes a few minutes. While you can not do anything about the disease after the tree is infected, it’s important to make a note so in late fall, when you can treat the trees, you know it had PLC.

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Siamack Sioshansi

Siamack is the executive director and co-founder of the project. He was born in a small village in southeast Iran where he learned about food and the importance of community resiliency. He attended Purdue University and worked for IBM and Apple Computers before starting a software company. He lives in San Francisco.

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