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Help us get the word out about The Urban Farmers service by posting to social media and NextDoor!

The best and most helpful posts give information about the who, what, where, and when of it.  Your experience is just as useful to us as it is to the community so please share!

Below are some of our favorites.  With permission, we have “borrowed” some simple post from fruit donors and volunteers for our lending library.  Feel free to edit, add, and customize as you see fit.


  • Got Excess Fruit?

If you have more fruit on your tree than you can use, contact The Urban Farmers. Their team of volunteers will arrive, harvest the fruit, leave some for you and donate the rest in your name. You also get a receipt for your taxes.

  • Looking for More Trees?

The Urban Farmers is a 501(c)3 non-profit. They are looking for trees to harvest with excess fruit. Their volunteers will do all the work. You keep what you can use and the excess gets donated to a local charity. The donation will be made in your name and you will receive a donation receipt for tax purposes. They are fully insured. The fruit goes to those in need and not the hungry rodents. It is a win-win. If you would like to register your tree you can visit their website or call them.

  • Winter: Season of Oranges and Rodents

The Urban Farmers team arrived this morning to harvest 100 pounds of oranges; thereby depriving the neighborhood rodents of their sustenance. If you have fruit trees that produce more than you’ll use, consider contacting

About The Author

Jasmine Cuenco

I am the AmeriCorps VISTA member partnering with The Urban Farmers for the year.

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