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Options in Planning a Group Harvest

Options in Planning a Group Harvest

Want to organize a harvest for your group? You have choices.

Each year we organize over one hundred free, public harvests which are powered by a team of about 10 to 12 volunteers. One of our trained harvest leaders guides the group visiting from one to four homes. Each team harvests between 800 and 1,200 pounds of fruit. Public harvests are designed for families and individuals.

Private Harvests
Private harvests are for teams of volunteers that would like to work together on a day of their choosing. Private harvests are planning intensive, require an organized point of contact, additional communication and in most cases additional insurance. Private harvests cost  $25/person payable at planning time.  

Large Harvests
From time to time we organize a large harvest either on a large orchard or where many teams work concurrently. With our large harvests, the number of volunteers is essentially limitless! These large harvest events occur about once a quarter in a calendar year and often depend on the fruit’s seasonality. Large harvests are free, and your group is welcome to attend one or more of them.

Below are expected events to be planned, their location, and the time of year to keep an eye out for volunteer opportunities:

Name of Event Location Date
Charlotte’s Harvest Vacaville November
Lemon Trees Harvest Vacaville February/March
Citrus Harvest Contra Costa County February/March
Plum Harvest Contra Costa County June
Apple Harvest Contra Costa County August/September

To be sure you and your group don’t miss these rare events, stay connected with The Urban Farmers.  As events get closer to the fruit’s ripening date, we will send reminders. Please register for our newsletter located on The Urban Farmers blog.

Lead a Free Private Harvest
Our Harvest Leaders can lead as many free private harvests as they can for their community. To become a harvest leader you must 1) attend 2 or more harvests, 2) attend a free 3-hour harvest leader training offered each month and 3) lead one public harvest per quarter.

What You Can’t Do
Sometimes a group of people that want to work together and have flexibility with their dates, fill up an entire public harvest. This is a clever way of getting around requesting a private harvest. When we see this, either before the harvest or on the day of the harvest, we cancel the tickets.

Our insurance policy requires that we report ALL group harvests prior to the event. While the idea to fill a public harvest with your group is clever, it puts our work in jeopardy and put us in the difficult position of canceling your tickets at the last minute.

We are open to change this policy. Got a suggestion? Please contact us.




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I am the AmeriCorps VISTA member partnering with The Urban Farmers for the year.

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