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Register a Tree

This is the short version of the story. You have a fruit tree. It produces more fruit than you can use. What can you do?

Do Nothing

Fruit ripens.
It becomes food for the wildlife and rodents.
Eventually, the tree will drop the fruit.
You or your gardener will pick up and discard the dropped fruit.
Repeat next year.
Does this make sense?

Self Harvest

Call the neighborhood kids.
Harvest and share what you can.
Drive the rest to a donation center.
Organize with us and we may be able to pick up and deliver your fruit.
Watch how you can harvest a large tree with a few helpers.

Let Us Help

Register your tree.
Depending on where you are we may be able to help you. If we can,
We’ll come and harvest your excess fruit.
Leave some for you and donate the rest.
Send you a receipt.
Repeat next year.

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