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The Easy Dozen

The Easy Dozen


Akane – Ripens Early

An attractive, early season, medium-sized, bright red, apple with an unusually good balance of sweet and sharp flavors. The flesh is firm rather than crisp, but with plenty of juice. Disease resistant.

Liberty  – Ripens Mid-season

Resistant to apple scab and mildew. A handsome red apple, usually lunch box size, of the McIntosh type with a wonderful sweet/tart balance. Crisper, keeps better and more heat tolerant than other McIntosh.

Cox Orange Pippin – Ripens Mid-season

A famous, fabled apple of England that many feel is simply the best. It’s a superb looking and extremely tasty apple. Cox Orange Pippin is often regarded as the finest of all dessert apples.


Warren – Ripens Very Late – Good Storage

Medium to large, long-necked, drop-shaped fruit is faded green with an occasional red blush in full sun. Sweet, very juicy, buttery, smooth flesh with no grit. Pyramidal tree shape.


Santa Rosa – Ripens Very Early

Superior quality flesh makes Santa Rosa the most widely grown plum. Purple-red skin surrounds rich, tart, fragrant, yellow flesh. Prolific, vigorous, self-fertile. One of the best of Luther Burbank’s creations.

Bavay’s Green Gage – Ripens Very Late

One of the best Gages. This is still considered the ideal dessert plum in Europe. Meaty flesh with a rich Gage flavor and incredible candy-like sweetness. Juicy, smooth-textured amber flesh.


Babcock – Ripens Early

Old favorite in white-fleshed freestone peaches, sweet and juicy, aromatic, low acid. Does well in taste tests. Widely adapted because of low chill requirements (500 hours) but unlike other low chill fruits doesn’t bloom early.

Suncrest – Ripens Mid-season

One of the last remaining truly juicy peaches. Large, round freestone peach with bright red blush over yellow skin. Yellow flesh, exceptionally firm texture, but very juicy, with good flavor. Heavy producer.

Rio Oso Gem – Ripens Late

Old favorite late, yellow freestone with large fruit and rich sweet flavor. A favorite of the Healdsburg folks for fresh eating, pies and freezing. A good garden tree as it has very showy pink blossoms and is a small tree.

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Siamack is the executive director and co-founder of the project. He was born in a small village in southeast Iran where he learned about food and the importance of community resiliency. He attended Purdue University and worked for IBM and Apple Computers before starting a software company. He lives in San Francisco.

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