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Transparency Ignites the Organic Food Revolution 

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Transparency Ignites the Organic Food Revolution 

This article reflects on the growing trend of organic foods.  It is shifting culturally as it extends from a lifestyle choice to a matter of accessibility and availability.  For me, this translates to the public’s greater understanding in how to navigate through a broken food system.  Not only are consumers becoming wiser but a collective movement is taking place.  By acting on the issue and demanding quality food, the suppliers, farmers, and economy must adjust.  This is a small victory in regulating the market through civic action!

Dan Wilkinson, chief commercial officer of 1WorldSync, explains how consumer demand and innovations transformed organic produce into a sales powerhouse.

Source: How transparency and technology ignited the organic revolution | Food Dive

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Jasmine Cuenco

I am the AmeriCorps VISTA member partnering with The Urban Farmers for the year.

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