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Your Fruit’s Final Destination

Your Fruit’s Final Destination

We don’t have a warehouse, and we don’t store any fruit.

After we harvest your fruit, we deliver it to one of our partners that can distribute or use the fruit right away.

In central Contra Costa County, we partner with White Pony Express, an extremely efficient organization that delivers “just needed” amount of fruit to about 50 agencies, small and large, in the county.

What makes White Pony Express special is that they invest the time to understand their partners, who are hunger relief agencies such as soup kitchens, and food pantries. To begin, they have a list of wants and don’t want for each agency. For example, an alcohol recovery center has no use for Kombucha tea that contains alcohol.

The “want/do not want” list is just the starting point. Every day volunteers at White Pony Express call the recipient agencies and ask what they need for that day. Then the White Pony Express runners pack the right amounts of food and deliver it to each location. Most hunger relief agencies outside of Contra Costa County dream of such service.

Our chapters that are away from central Contra Costa County, deliver the fruit to local partners. For example in Brentwood area, the fruit is shared with HOPE House and Loaves and Fishes. In Solano, we deliver the fruit to the Food Bank and in Alameda County, most of the food goes to Open Heart Kitchen.

The fruit that we harvest goes from your tree to someone’s table in less than two days. That fruit is fresher than anything you can buy at the grocery store.

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